mine DMS

A Document Management System that allows businesses to streamline business processes become better organized, more secure. MineDMS is easy to install, and easy to use. The software licensing, implementation and support packages are affordable for small to large organizations. MineDMS improves the way you Process and Manage your valuable documents, giving you peace of mind as you save time and money.

MineDMS (Document Management System) is designed to meets your business' unique needs and challenges without any expensive system setup and time-consuming training. Increase your organization's efficiency and productivity while decreasing your risk with MineDMS - Document Management System. MineDMS is a secure, easy to use document management system for efficient document capture and storage, search and retrieval, and file sharing. Automatic email notifications instantly communicate tasks and reports provide full transparency into the system and each document


It has been found in a survey conducted by the Group of Management Consultants*, that an Administration/HR Assistant spends an average of 2 hours in a day (of 8 hours) in searching, redrafting, copying, faxing of document related activities in an (SME) Small and Medium Enterprise. This can be dramatically reduced to less than 5 minutes per day by installing efficient document management software.

Key Features of MineDMS

  • Fast information retrieval optimize your working time
  • Productivity is improved, giving you a competitive edge
  • Storage costs are reduced and office floor space can be used more cost effectively
  • No more endless photocopying
  • Saves your time and money. Don’t waste time on searching the documents
  • Protects your valuable documents from misplacement and unauthorized Delivery
  • saves yourself from penalties on expiries. Handles all documents and expiries related to your Group, Companies and Employees, alerts you before the expiry of documents
  • Scans all documents and keeps in a secure way for easy retrieval. Don’t ever lose any Passport, Labour Contract or any other documents
  • offers you peace of mind from physical document handling
  • Enables faxing, printing, e-mailing, copying or exporting the digital copies of stored documents without accessing it physically
  • Professional way to manage your back office

Key Features of MineDMS

  • MineDMS is a feature rich, powerful and advanced yet user friendly DMS system which is currently available in the market
  • MineDMS can handle unlimited number of documents which are related to the Company and the Employees.
  • MineDMS manages the Physical documents, the digital copy of the documents and related meta data+ in an innovative and user friendly navigator system, which enables the user to access the details in a click of a button.
  • MineDMS classifies your company and employees data and enables you to access the information in a relatively designed menu system. It can even save unlimited number of documents related to Clients, Vendors, Assets or any other documents linked to any company or branch in your group.
  • With more than 50 innovative features to manage your company and employees related documents, MineDMS stands as the No.1 document management system released in the Middle East market till date!
  • MineDMS is a member of FICO Software Solutions Cubicle which comprises of Payroll, HRMS, accounting and ERP. This enables you to seamlessly integrate with any of the member products in FICO Software Solutions Cubicle. It can share all data, exchange reports and relate each other with ease. For instance, you have installed MineDMS and wishes to use FICO Software Solutions Cubicle Payroll solution or FICO Software Solutions Cubicle HRMS, you can simply install as an add-on product and the whole employee data from MineDMS could be accessed by the payroll or HRMS without any configuration.


Total cost invested can be recovered within months by way of dramatically improving the executive’s performance, avoiding risk of misplacement of documents, penalties on renewals etc.

Once purchased, MineDMS license is unlimited and requires no renewal for lifetime. The software will serve as an asset to the organization thereby enables the user to transfer its rights to any third-party.

Document & Expiry handling

  • Complete document management system with control of expiry.
  • Scans and retrieves documents like Passport, Visa, Labour Card, Health card, Driving licenses, Insurance or any other documents with expiry.
  • Reminds expiries through pop-ups, e-mails and mobiles SMS* alerts.
  • One touch scan and view of any documents.
  • Saves and retrieve unlimited number of documents of any type related with company, employees, clients, vendors etc. in a fast and efficient way.

Saving, Retrieving & Reporting

  • Revolutionary single window access to all Information through MineDMS MyNavigator.
  • Easy Search, View, Print, Fax, Email and Export
  • Data import from Excel, Access and SQL database.
  • Alert and Report through Email and SMS.
  • Document Inventory to view movements of documents.
  • All Employee, Company, Group Company and Branch Information in a single user friendly navigator.
  • Futuristic Report Explorer creates any report you like in less than a minute.
  • Default company concept ensures filtering of Employee data.
  • Copy and paste reports to Microsoft Excel.
  • Create multiple user logins and assign rights to users.

User Interface features

  • Exotic and aesthetical perfection in User Interface designs.
  • Dockable MyWindow features timely alerts of immediate renewals before expiry dates.
  • MineDMS EasyView Navigation process map.signs.

System features

  • Fully indexed Keyboard navigation with defined short cuts.
  • On the fly creation of all related reference data.
  • Customizable Configuration enables to change the basic behaviour of software.
  • Tabbed View window gears unlimited reports to view at a same time.
  • DirectSend ensures all reports to be printed, faxed, mailed, copied and exported directly.
  • Multiple MineDMS MyNavigator support.

Software & Support

  • Auto update feature ensures latest product updates from Internet to include more features, client suggestions and bug free environment.
  • Comprehensive HTML help system with web links for latest news on new releases and products.
  • Fully automated support system to find solution to your problems within hours. New product release purchase offers for existing clients.
  • Data migration support from existing data store.
  • Data protection through database backup and restore.