mine POS.

MinePOS is free to use for small retailers with fewer than 1000 items and less than 1000 sales a month. Starting a business? You don't have to spend large amounts to get a POS.MinePOS is for you. MinePOS is scalable and can support multi-store set-ups with no limit. And since it is co-effective, you don't have to break the bank to maintain your account. Growing your business has never been more efficient. MinePOS is web-based, so you can access your data anytime, anywhere. It is not platform dependent, so you can use Mac,Windows, or even Linux. You can even go mobile! It's all up to you. MinePOS develops Retail Point Of Sale Software Systems for the specialty retailer. Our solution's includes real-time access to Point Of Sale transactions, inventory control, purchasing, inter-store and warehouse to store Real-time stock transfers, cash management and many other functions related to the operation of a successful & efficient retail organization. MinePOS delivers Complete turn-key solutions for all of your Point Of Sale Software and Inventory Control needs.

Leveraging our extensive knowledge of the Retail industry, Point Of Sale Software Systems and combined with our ability to adapt industry standard solutions, makes us unique in offering a total end to end solution. We have developed a reliable and robust Point Of Sale/Inventory control solution which delivers real-time data anytime, anywhere while maintaining an affordable cost of ownership.

Inventory levels & Costs - Know what items are selling well; how often; how long have you carried a certain item; what was the best optimal inventory turn; how to minimize carrying these costs, what items should be marked down or returned to the vendor based on performance, and many more retail metrics.

Real time reports for financial reporting - Reconcile End Of Day z-out reports, purchase orders, invoices, … Create a working snapshot of the financial success and/or failures of the retail organization … quickly react to changing market conditions, diagnose retail problems and solve them quickly.

Prevent long checkout lines and customer cart abandonment – Process sales, special orders, layaway’s, layaway payments, pricing, sales history and more … Improve customer experience leading to better customer loyalty. Real time stock availability among stores – Real time item quantities chain wide will lead to better staff confidence with quantities they are looking at from other locations and committing the sale to a customer, stock transfer system represents real-time quantity data that staff could rely on.

View sales in real-time across all locations – our web dashboard will give you a pulse reading for all locations up to the minute. Store sales, department sales, top sellers, tenders and many more metrics all in real-time.

Cloud-based point of sale.

Make sales from any web browser, no matter where you are. Try our fully-featured iPad App for true mobility!

Accept the type of payments your customers use most.

Cash, credit, debit, check, store credit, and even custom gift cards

Everything you need in a mobile POS.

Process sales and easily access advanced store manager features such as inventory, purchase orders, refunds and reports.

Works with the most popular retail hardware.

Hook it up to a cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode scanner, and more.